Homebarista.cz video: co je to affogato co je to flat white co je to espresso tonic


Hello, home baristas. This is our remixed vid with subs in English – we will be preparing some killer espresso shots and also yummy vanilla affogato and fizzy espresso tonic for summer. Enjoy

Today we will be brewing with Lelit Anna small but very powerfull – fighter – machine.

Coffee grinder Eureka Mignon sturdy reliable powerfull fighter also.

Dialing in well is super important! Dial super fine grind.

Perfect brew ratio is essential for perfect killer espresso shot at home.

Our suggested brew ratio 1: 2 or max 1:2,5

For example 16g in and 32 out

Microfoam needs some practice and pouring also, but we are trying.

Super fizzy drink for summer –  Espresso tonic – just make sure you find the right ratio for you here also, ok?

We mean: it is up to you how much coffee you pour in your tonic. You can pour some espresso in or even filter coffee tastes great with tonic.

Affogato means “drowned” in Italian – because we drown delicious yummy ice cream with our espresso – vanilla or stracciatella or caramel or tiramisu or even chocolate ice cream  is great for killer affogato at home.

What is your favorite espresso based drink or treat? Let us know and lets make vid about it next time! Word!

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