Homebarista.cz Jak doma uděláš perfektní espresso shot?

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Na našich espresso kurzech homebarista.cz učíme home baristy jak udělat zabijácké espresso doma.

Tady je takovej mini video tutorial.

“Dialing in” znamená,  že si home barista “ladí” mletí na mlýnku tak, aby espresso doma bylo na 100%


Enjoy our home espresso video. We explain brew ratio, dialing in your grinder, grinding fresh coffee super fine, pucks prep, we loved Penazzi and Gardelli blends, they sent us fresh coffee directly from the roastery.

Vid transcript:

Lets try first our home grown red coffee cherries dont forget coffee is a delicious fruit.

Red coffee cherries taste sweet yummy.

The home espresso machines we have here today are Bfc and Lelit Anna

Lets start dialing in – dont forget to grind very very super fine!

Well we need to go little finer still

This is much better but still i would go a little finer

Our brew ratio is 1:2 maybe 1:2,5

Example: if you put 18 grams in you need 36 grams out

The best brew temperature for killer espresso shot is 93 but keep in mind to experiment, home baristas.

Dark roasts usually like higher temperatures and light roast coffee likes 92 degrees Celzius.

Dont forget to use soft water only /3 german degrees max/ to avoid scale.

Hard water is dangerous for your espresso machine!

Ok we are getting there, we want our killer espresso shot sirupy and oily and sweet and tasty.

Puck is nice and dry –  no channeling  – dont forget to use wdt, distribution tool, and you must be skilled at tamping also.

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