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Hi there, home baristas, this is one of our favorite coffee grinders that we use for home barista courses Eureka Mignon Specialita from Florence. In the vid we showed you how to use it.

How to navigate menu display.

Eureka Mignon Specialita is super easy to use thanks to large and simple and clean display. Well done!

Eureka Mignon Specialita si a sturdy robust hefty fighter.

If you wish to single dose, you can google thingiverse for blow up hoppers and other super useful stuff / tilt base for example/, we have 3d printed it.

If you wish to single dose with your specialita – link here https://www.thingiverse.com/tag:eureka_mignon

Our eshop – buy Eureka Mignon Specialita here

Video subtitles transcription here:

Hello there this is Eureka Mignon Specialita.

Portafilter fits beautifully in the fork handle, look.

Large clean display is easy to understand and this makes Eureka Mignon Specialita intuitive for home barista.

Display has a timer with two available presets {single or double shot}

For example, we have set 10,5 secs for double shot

As soon as you touch the black button Mignon Specialita starts to grind and the countdown starts.

If you want, you can PAUSE in the middle of grinding to distribute or wfd your freshly ground coffee in your portafilter and then resume grinding.

With + or – you simply change desired time presets.

We have preset 6 secs for a single dose and now 11,5 for double shot.

If you have scale and wish continual mode you press both icons –  single and double – simuntaneously

You simply push button with your portafilter and Specialita starts grinding.

You grind, you stop when you want, you weigh your grounds, distribute or wdt a little and you can resume grinding for more.

Until you have your desired amount of ground fresh coffee

Nice sweet killer double shot espresso at home.

Home barista can lock his Specialita so that nobody else will change his precious presets.

By pressing both + and – simuntaneously

See? now there is no + and – visible nobody can change your preset times

We are back in normal mode where you can adjust presets again by + and –

When you buy second hand specialita you want to know how many coffees this specialita has ground already

11 single shots

31 double shots

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