This is how we play in our showroom and this is what we do when we have courses “filter coffee”.

Yes, we also like filter coffee 🙂

This is how you make cold brew nitro at home, home baristas.

You need very very soft water and very fresh specialty coffee grown in high altitude for nice spicy acidity.

We love african cultivars.

You need to grind pretty coarse.

We used comandante hand grinder, we love the beast.

Now,  dont forget to get rid off fines. This is very important.

If you dont do it, your coffee will taste bitter and you dont want any bitterness, right?

The best gadget for this purpose is KRUVE sifters

Now, brew ratio is crucial here. We know people that like 1: 13 and also those who like 1:19 – try it yourselves.

We used 1:17 brew ratio here in vid.

Now, you  let the coffee in fridge for 24 hours. Yes, it is a very long time and this is why you have to get rid of fines – they will over extract if you let them immerse in water for that long.

Then you filter it well again /this part is a drag, really / and get ready your nitro n2o bottle. There are plenty on the market.

We had left the nitro bottle in the freezer before pouring the fresh cold brew in.

Shake it well!

Enjoy super creamy and fizzy sparkling coffee!

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