Lelit Bianca pl162t v3 Lance VIDEO tutorial: low flow and offset explained

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So this is how Lance described it in his fantastic vid.
In his vid Lance has put a Smart espresso profiler invented and made by a guy named Gabor from Hungary.
Thanks to this profiler we all can SEE what is actually happening in the portafilter.
aperture of where water is going through which gives you complete control over your flow rate.
Lance measured it:  it is as low as about 0.4 or so milliliters a second when it is closed / left/ and about 6.5 when it is open/right/.
You can change where the needle is by taking this paddle off and twisting it manually and putting the paddle back on but he  likes having the capability of going all the way down to NO FLOW so right now when it’s fully
shut it is fully shut with no water coming out. / Mauro link lelit insider vid/
First thing is temperature offset –  it is a PID controller inside the brew boiler itself and what we can do with the temperature offset is you can choose negative 5 or positive 5 degrees /all the way to negative 25
and positive 25 degrees Celsius/  and what this does it helps to increase the temperature during shot.
Because, lets face it, normally during long extraction the temp actually decreases /in most cases/ and this function helps regain that wanted brew temp. So in theory you’re able to kind of temperature profile. We will return to this feature later.
The most important feature is  low flow. It is about solenoid valve. The solenoid in PL162T V3 is a little different than normal solenoid. Normally you just have an open and closed solenoid valve which gives you only one flow rate this one you’re able to have a couple of different flow rates so you have the fully open valve flow rate which is on mine 6.5 mils a second when it’s fully open..
Now when we are gonna use low flow please bear in my to always fully open – paddle in right position – coming out at 6.5
When you activate low flow you will have about 4  mils a second so it is little lower then 6.5 – this gives you a lower pressure beginning so you can have a slower shot or a lower flow shot.
Now you can program this low flow – you can decide when / at what second/ you want to apply this low flow function. And then you can decide when you want to go back to normal flow /6,5/
You do this on LCC display.
Lance gives this example: say at the beginning I want the low flow to go until 10 seconds and then you can
turn the low flow off and you can have full flow 6.5 and then he wants it to go back down automatically to
that low flow to end the shot.
Using the minus button you are toggling through menu until “low flow start” then you must click plus
then it’s going to flash twice and now we can choose when we want that “low flow  end” so if
I choose 15 seconds it’s going to give us that 4 mils a second until 15 seconds then we can have normal flow and then at 45 second we can activate low flow again until the end of extraction.
Now to make this even more complicated we also have pre infusion function. This works like with other machines: it has to step pre inf on and pre inf off. You put lets say 5 secs on and then maybe 10 sec off.
How much water /seconds/ shall i let in during pre infusion? In Dalla Corte they say its 1:1,5 ratio you put 18g in you should let 18+ 9 g ow water in. Then its up to you how long you let the off phase.
Lance is letting 10 secs you can do even more. He lets the puck infuse perfectly.
Thanks to programable pre infusion and low flow home barista can create a profile he she likes and REPEAT it – using paddle you can have difficulty with repeating. Lance example: he programmed 10 second pre-infusion on and 10 second off / note that 10 secs of preinfusion is very long its just for the purpose of the vid / then he sets 15 seconds
of low flow and then he sets high flow and you are able to see kind of everything going on.
You see in the vid that the pressure in grouphead is rising. And that  pre-infusion gets only up to four bar and later  it’s gonna go higher after we finish low flow phase and it shoots up to full flow and now we’re up at nine bar and then again he has programmed lo flow at 45 seconds so itgoues down to 4 again. You can see this all clearly in the vid. The best thing is that this is all repeatable. Remember while doing this programmed low flow always keep paddle to the right/fully open/.
In order to see what the current temperature is of the brew boiler this is really weird but it’s accurate you click the right side of the plus button so like this so it’s really finicky – this is how you
check the current temperature real time.
Left side of the plus button shows you the steam boiler temperature in real time.
Lance then comments on actual “temperature offset” usefulfness and concludes that it is not that useful at all. The extraction time is simply too short /even if you extract 60 secs/ fot this offset to make some significant change. Even if you set the offset at the maximum 25 degrees you will not see any substantial change.
In the end Lance pulls a shot manually with paddle:
He did a quick fill at 6,5 mils per second and then he  shut it down to kind of allow that pre-infusion to happen for a bit and then I came back to full flow until he hit nine bars and then slowly tapered off.
/My sidenotes were modest and few so that you can enjoy Lance´s stream of consciuosness:)/
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