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G Iota DF64 is one of the best single dose grinders in its category.

Lets try this beast and lets play with it.

We will be dialing in La Cabra specialty coffee.

We will be brewing with La Marzocco GS3 our liebling machine.

Giota aka df64 is famous for this blow up hopper that lets all ground coffee out.

No ground coffee will remain in the grinder – we call this zero retention.

The coffee grinder Giota is inclined like tower in Pisa /even more/ and this helps home barista to get all ground coffee out of the grinder.

DF64 has a very large range for dialing in and it is super easy to adjust finer and finer grounds.

GIOTA DF64 is stepless virtually unlimited precision.

Home barista can see nice big numbers for easy dialing.

We weigh coffee beans first – for exapmle 16 grams – this is called single dosing.

The dosage depends on your portafilter basket. We have on our La Marzocco GS3 now 16g basket so we weigh 16g od coffee beans.

We will grind every single bean, look, nothing will remain in the grinder.

This is good for many reasons: you can change coffees easily and you will never drink old stale coffee that remained in the grinders body from last time you made killer espresso shot.


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