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Coffee Nurri was a gift  from Naples.
Mr. Nurri roaster and inventro from Naples honored us with a visit to our showroom at Osvetová 18 and brought us his delicious coffee to taste.
We thank Ondrej Gavalcin for the WDT tool and acupuncture needles.

Today we have this little military tank by La Marzocco

Their newest release Linea Micra

Today we will be grinding coffee with Eureka Mignon Specialita you are all familiar with this grinder i believe.

Ok lets do it!

Measures: 29 x 42 x 35  – this is much smaller and more compact than Linea Mini

Weight only 19 kilos you can easily take it with you when you go to your weekend house or spend days off somewhere without getting hernia.

Very fast heating Micra is ready after 5 min even less maybe.

The red light indicates it is ready and hot.

LM fans are quite familiar with design  – very minimalistic robust but thats the way we love it, right?

Designers at LM did great job – everything here has its function and nothing is purely decorative.

15 and a half gram lets try first shot

We are using our wdt which we printed on 3d printer and we use these acupuncture needles from amazon

lets wdt thoroughly.

Tamping and let see if this shot is sirupy and oily.

Well i would try to grind a little finer.

This blend is very fresh mr Nurri visited us in our showroom and brought this gift personally only a few days ago

Home barista can set his Linea Micra with a well designed LM home app

Lets enter settings

So we have espresso boiler temperature

For dark roast like Nurri lets set 92 degrees but of course home barista can set his temp as he wishes up to 100 even more.

Steam power can be set 1 or 2 or 3 indicating potency /power.

Lets set 3 the strongest potency we will try some flat white later.

All changes in setting are automatically memorised.

Then its pre brewing here

Pre brewing has two phases / on and off

Some water gets into portafilter then a pause and then coffee extraction begins.

Lets try 4 sec on and 4 sec off

4 sec on and 4 sec nothing  – then brewing itself begins

Now lets see if this 4 sec of pre infusion isnt too much we want no coffee to escape from portafilter during pre brewing.

Lets make it 3 secs

We set 3 secs pre brewing ON.

And we set 7 sec for the off phase and lets see.

This is the best part homebarista can tune his killer espresso shot until he is happy and satisfied with it.

Are you curious?

This looks a little better

We need to refill the water tank the blue drop icon indicates lack of water in tank. Refilling is super easy as the tank is well positioned and you simply pour softened water in.

Oscar bilt is very good water softener for tanks

Blue drop icon is not flashing we have enough water

Ok so pre brew 3 sec on and 7 sec off we like this most so far.

Lets try to steam some milk we have set it 3 most powerful so lets see how long it takes

Designers in la marzocco have coined this convertible portafilter you simply click and have double spout or if you want you have a bottomless portafilter

We loved this machine it is super easy to play with, home barista will have a lots of fun and some killer shots at home and we are ready for the next vid and next machine


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